Web API for Payroll Import

The HRPro Web Service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for Payroll Import allow to you to update the Salary Information of an existing Payroll batch through JSON (web service).

After these APIs are installed and enabled, developers can use the APIs to

  • Update the Salary Information including Standard Pay Types and User Defined Pay Types

  • Accept the Payroll Information that calculated from other systems (e.g. Finance Systems, Time and Attendance Systems, Rostering Systems, Employee Benefits Platforms, Sales Commissioning Systems, Point of Sale Systems etc.)

Update Payroll API

PUT: api/PayrollAPI/UpdatePayroll

This web service can update daily rate, number of day and pay amount of an existing payroll batch.

Update Mid-Month Payroll API

PUT: api/PayrollAPI/UpdateMidMonthPayroll

This web service can update daily rate, number of day and pay amount of an existing Mid-Month payroll batch.

The API Properies are the same as Update Payroll API


  • The database to update is the data source defined in HRPro.Config if Database property is not provided

  • Please export the Export Payroll Details Format 2 (Full Columns) in Payroll Record Amendment to see the full list of FieldName. Please noted that FieldName required the square brackets [].

  • The response status code is either 400 (bad request), 401 (Unauthorized), 404 (Not Found) for any exception and the error description is on the Reason Phrase

  • The followings are some languages/environments that support Web API: C, C#, cURL, Go, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, NodeJs, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, PowerShell, Python, Shell, Swift, VB.Net, VBScript

  • To enable Payroll Import API, please defined enablePayrollWebAPI to true in HRPro.config