Web API for Attendance Import

The HRPro Web Service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for Attendance Import allow you to upload attendance records to HRPro through JSON (web service).

After these APIs are installed and enabled, developers can use the APIs to integrate your card reader system or website to enable real-time attendance record updates.

1. Upload Attendance Log

POST /api/AttendanceLogInsert

This web service will create an unposted Attendance Log Record and optionally post it to HRPro Attendance Record.

2. Post Attendance Log

POST /api/AttendanceLogPost

This web service will post all unposted Attendance Log Records to HRPro Attendance Record and then delete them.

3. Delete Attendance Log

POST /api/AttendanceLogDelete

This web service will delete all posted Attendance Log Records and optionally delete the unposted records


    • The database to update is the data source defined in HRPro.config if Database property is not provided

    • The response status code is 400 (bad request) for any exception and the error description is on the Reason Phrase

    • The followings are some languages/environments that support Web API: C, C#, cURL, Go, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, NodeJs, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, PowerShell, Python, Shell, Swift, VB.Net, VBScript

    • To enable Attendance Import API, please defined enableAttendanceImportWebAPI to true in HRPro.config