Employee Portal - Cancel Leave Request and Approval Process

  1. Employee Log in to Employee Portal.

  2. From the menu, select Leave Application Status.

  3. Locate the approved leave# and click the View/Cancel button.

  4. The Leave Application is opened. Click the Cancel button.

  5. The Cancel Leave Request page opens.

  6. Enter a remarks (optional).

  7. Click Submit button.

  8. The Cancel Leave Request Email Notification will be sent to approver(s).

  9. Approver click the link in the Cancel Leave Request Email Notification (or login Employee Portal directly and go to Cancel Request Approval).

  10. Approver select Approve or Reject to Approve/Reject this Cancel Leave Request.

  11. Optionally HR Officer can select WebLeave Application in HRPro to Approve/Reject this Cancel Leave Request

  12. An Email Notification will then be sent to the applicant to notify him of the results.

* Cancel Leave Request workflow is available only if the Enable "Cancel Leave Request" for Leave not taken in Leave Type is turned on.

# If the Even for Past Leave option in Leave Type is not checked, only future leave will be available to Cancel.