Defining "Approval Delegation"

In HRPro, user can define an "Approval Delegation" when the approver is not available. For example, when the approver is traveling or on vacation.

For example, 0083 is an Approver that she is on vacation on 01/08/2017 to 08/08/2017, the approver assigned to this role is 3080.

In Master Setup->Employee Master, EPortal Tab of 0083

Please note that delegation chain is possible (e.g. 3080 delegate his role to another approver during 03/08/2017 - 05/08/2017). The maximum delegation level is 10.

Approvers can also assign the Delegation Role in Personal Options (EPortal) by themselves if the Enable Approver Self Delegation (in Employee Portal Setup, Webleave Tab) is turned on.