Personal Options (EPortal)

Personal Options (EPortal) is to set various options for your own. Depending on your privilege and Company Setup settings, not all options below are available for you.


Theme Colour is to define the colour scheme of your Employee Portal, options are Default, Red, Green, Black and White. See Theme Colour in Employee Portal.

Language for User Interface is the language displayed on the screen, options are Based on Login, English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Line Spacing (Default 15px) is the line spacing between lines.

Grid Page Size (rows) is the number of lines on each page of every grid. Default is 25.

The landing Page after login is to set the start-up page to open after login. If Default is selected, the start-up page will probably be landed to Application (it depends on the user access rights).

Display Badge Counter is to define whether to display the red counter badge on the left menu that indicated the unread counts or pending counts or not.

Show colour events on the small calendar to enable displaying the event colour of the event calendar on the small calendar under the menu. (Disable this option can improve Employee Portal page loading performance).

When Enable Maximum Screen Width to 100% is turned on, The screens for EPortal will be occupied the full width of your monitor, otherwise, the maximum width is 1920px only.

When Prefer hour/minute format for Attendance Hour is turned on, the format of the Attendance hour in the Attendance Record and Subordinate Attendance Record (e.g. Work Hours, Regular Hours, Overtime Hours) become the hour/minute format, e.g. 9h15m rather than 9.25.

When Enable Icon for Menu Items is turned on, an icon will be shown at the beginning of each menu item.

Ask before exiting when turned on, and prompt the user to exit EPortal before logout.


2-Step Verification is an optional security feature that lets you add another layer of verification to your login process. When Enable 2-Step Verification is turned on, each time you log in, you will be asked to input the one-time passcode that send to your registered email address. This helps prevent anyone else accessing your account without your knowledge.

When Enable Login Email Notification is turned on, an Email Notification will send to you upon Employee Portal Login.

Email Notification

Language for Email Notification is the Language you prefer on your Email Notifications, options are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

When Attach iCal file to approved email is turned on, an iCal file will be attached to your notification email of your approved application. You may have option to add the leave dates to your calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Apple calendar, etc). See How to add the approved leave information to your personal calendar? for details.


When Enable One Click Approval is turned on, Approver is allowed to approve or reject the application by clicking the link in the notification email without logged in Employee Portal.

When Show Calendar on Approval page is turned on, a calendar will be displayed on the Approve Leave Application page to view the leave status of all your subordinates or the company.

When the Enable Approver Self Delegation (in Employee Portal Setup, Webleave Tab) is turned on and you are an Approver, you can delegate the Approval Role to other employee (For example, when the approver is traveling or on vacation) and given the Delegation Period.