How to temporary change the Approver of a group of employee (say the Approver will take a long vacation)?

Starting from 10.08, "Approval Delegation" is available. The below method is considered an alternative.

Assume 0083 is the Approver that is going to take a long vacation.

Go to System Manager->Enquires->Adhoc Query.

Paste this query to the Query box, (Replace 0083 with the approver you are going to replace)





FROM [plEmployee]


Select Output to Excel and click the Go button.

Save this Excel file as the original records (say OriginalApprover0083.xlsx) and keep it in safe place (will be used when the approver returned).

Update the Original Approver Code to New Approver Code in Excel. (e.g. Replace 0083 to 0007)

Save this Excel worksheet to a new Excel File (say NewApprover0007.xlsx).

Now open Employee Master, click the Import button and import the new Excel File (i.e. NewApprover0007.xlsx).

See more: How to import employee information from Excel?

Now the employee 0007 is the approver of the related employees.

When 0007 login to employee portal, 0007 can approve 0083's subordinates applications as well as receive the email notifications of approvals of 0083's subordinates.

When 0083 is returned, the originalApprover0083.xlsx can import back to the employee master to replace 0007.