How to use Employee Portal's Calendar Feed

With Employee Portal's Calendar Feed, you can see your Company Calendar or Event Calendar in your calendar, whether you use Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, or any calendar that supports the iCalendar format. Calendar Feed takes all the Company Calendar or Event Calendar events and places them in your Calendar as an all-day event. 

To enable iCalendar Feed, in HRPro, go to System Manager, HRPro Setup, Employee Portal Setup, General Tab.  

Check the Enable iCalendar Link check-box to enable the iCal button shown in Company Calendar/Event Caledar. 

Check the Enable iCalendar Feed check-box to enable the Employee Portal to accept external requests and provide the Calendar events feed. 

Login Employee Portal, in Company Calendar or Event Calendar, you will see an ICal button at the lower right corner.

Click the  button

Highlight and Copy the link to the clipboard. (Make sure the address of the link is accessible on the internet).

Refer to instructions for subscribing to (or importing) calendars in your Calendar application. Paste this link to your Calendar application to subscribe to Company/Event Calendar Feeds.

Subscribe in calendar apps

How to subscribe to an iCal feed varies depending on the calendar app or device you’re using. Here’s some links to common guides:

Depending on the update frequency of your Calendar application, your calendar application will fetch the calendar events and synchronize with Employee Portal's Company/Event Calendar in every several minutes to several hours or days from your Employee Portal Application Server.

The Employee Portal iCal Link is valid for 90 days (or the iCalendar Feed valid days defined at Employee Portal Setup, General tab) starting from the date you created the link or until the user is terminated. User required to go to Company Calendar or Event Calendar to obtain another link to resubscribe.

Caution: If you have concerns about the security or privacy of the Company/Event Calendar events. Do not enable this option, as there is no security/password control for the URL that your whole company leave information may explored to the internet.