Sample Roster Excel File for Import

You can using Excel to import Roster Table either by Period or by Month.

1. By Period

If first column is [PERIOD] then the columns [1],[2],[3] refer to 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd of the Attendance Period. ([1] must be at column C) So If the Attendance Period is starting from 1st of current month, [1],[2],[3] referring to 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the month.

However, if the Attendance Period is starting from 20th of last month, [1] referring to 2015/06/20, [2] referring to [2015/06/21] etc.

Download Sample Import File: Roster Table.xlsx⇩

2. By Month

If first column is [MONTH], then the [1], [2], [3] refer to 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month, in the above example, i.e. 1st November, 2nd November and 3rd November. This format will not consider Attendance Period Settings.

Download Sample Excel File RosterTableByMonth.xlsx⇩. Or you can generate a similar format by clicking the Export button in Roster Update.


  1. Please note that if the [ROSTER_CODE] is not exists in the Roster Table, the import will create a new Roster Table for that Roster Code.

  2. [DESCRIPTION] in column C is optional. If the column [DESCRIPTION] exists in Column C, it will update the Description of the Roster during the import process.

3. With Location

Either by Month or by Period Format, when the option Enable Roster Location Assignment in Company Setup, Master Setup tab is turned on, you can also import location information into the Roster by adding the corresponding columns [LOCATION01] to [LOCATION31] similar to the below.