"Daily Salary based on" Explanation

There is an option for "Daily Salary based on" under Payroll Module Setup, Payroll Tab, Prorated Salary / No Pay Rate Basis or  Employee Class, Payroll tab. 

Daily Salary based on also known as Paid Days Definition

The options for "Daily Salary based on" for both Global Working Hours Employees and Roster Employees are,

The options for "Daily Salary based on" for Global Working Hours Employees only are,

* optionally Saturdays - Number of paid days (1, 0.5, 0) for Saturday depending on the option Saturday as Paid Day in Global Working Hours

The options for "Daily Salary based on" for Roster Employees are, 

# Most Labour Ordinance and MPFA Ordinance assumed everyday is paid for Monthly Rate Employee.

Assume the Roster Table is defined as 25 Normal Days, 5 Rest Days and 1 SH.

  * Normal Days can be 1 paid day, 0.5 paid days or 0 paid days depending on the setting Paid Day treated as in Shift Code.

 For Monthly Rate Employee.  The purposes of this option are,

For Daily Rate Employee (with “Pay daily rate employees according to work schedule” in Payroll Module Setup is turned on). The purposes of this option are,

Examples of the effect of difference option