How to enable the USD Employee Salary Package

USD Employee Salary Package is that the Salary related amounts for particular employees in Employee Master are assumed US Dollar and the actual payroll are multiple by an exchange rate of the corresponding month in a USD exchange rate table.

  1. To enable the User Interface for the Enable USD Employee Salary Package check-box, added the key

<add key="AllowEnableUSDEmployeeSalaryPackage" value="true" />

to HRPro.config.

2. In Master Setup, Employee Master panel, turned on the checkbox Enable USD Employee Salary Package.

3. Define the USD Salary Package for the Employee.

Turn on the Is USD Salary Package check box and the salary-related amount will be treated as USD.

If somehow the regular payment is in HKD and does not require exchange rate conversion, you can use the HKD: keyword of User Defined Formula.

4. Before generating payroll, define the USD Exchange Rate of the payroll period in the Company Setup, USD Exchange Rate table tab. (This tab is visible only if Enable USD Employee Salary Package check-box is turned on).

5. Payroll after Generate Payroll Batch.

The payroll amount in Payroll Batch is in HKD and is the USD-related salary amount defined in the Employee Master multiple by the exchange rate for the corresponding payroll period.