Generate Payroll Batch

Generate Payroll Batch is under Payroll.

HRPro prepares the payroll according to

  • various amounts defined in Employee Master, Salary Info tab

  • Statutory Holiday Days in Holiday Table (Holiday Pay days) for the Payroll Period

  • Leave entry records (for Annual Leave Days, Sickness Allowance days, Maternity Leave days and No Pay Leave Days/Hrs) for the corresponding Leave Period

  • Attendance records (for Hourly Pay Hrs, Daily Pay Days, Overtime Hrs, Overtime Days, Late Deduction Mins, Early Out Deduction Mins) for the corresponding Attendance Period

  • Expense Entries for the corresponding Expense Period

  • Pay Record for the corresponding Pay Record Period

Use Generate Payroll Batch to generate the Payroll Batch for the month. Amendment and checking could then be performed before posting the data. If the employee needs to be paid twice or more within a month, use the Mid-Month Payroll for the first and subsequent payment, and the Payroll for the final payment.

Payroll calculation may be simply performed with a mouse click. The payroll system prepares the payroll according to the details in the employee records. By selecting this item, the system would automatically generate an unprotected batch of payroll calculations. Adjustment and checking could then be performed before protecting the data.

When you choose this item, a warning message appears if you have already performed this action for the stated month.

If the payroll record is ever amended, the payroll records will not be overwrote by the generate payroll batch. You may needed to delete the payroll record before generate again.