Notice Board

Employee Portal Users can view the notices of their department or the notices that did not a specified department in the Notice Board.

Notice Board is available only when Enable Notice Board in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab is turned on

Check the checkbox Read will indicate the Notice is read and Notice Board Admin will know that you have read the notice from Maintain Notice screen.

You can view the Notice prepared by Notice Board Admin by clicking the hyperlink of the name of Notice in Notice Board.

Notice Board is maintained by the employee that the Notice Board Admin. check box option is checked in Employee Master, EPortal Tab.

When Notice Board Admin. (Own Department Only) is checked, you can only maintain notice for your department only.

When Notice Board Admin. (Own Department Only) is not checked, you can only maintain notice for any department or all departments.

If you are Notice Board Admin, the maintenance options (Add, Edit, Delete, Announce) are available.

If you click Add New Notice button or Edit link, the Maintain Notice screen will be displayed. If you click Announce button, the Announce Notice screen will be displayed.

Here are some content suggestions for your Notice Board,

  1. Quality objectives.

  2. Last ten years achievement - Improvement.

  3. Plans for the organization.

  4. Lastyear'sr Attendance details, i.e., - Whose take Least amount of Grace, Late, Permission and Leave (name of the person should be indicated).

  5. Birthday & wedding day wishes.

  6. List of Persons are trained for First Aid, Fire Fighting (Name, Department with Mobile no. should be indicated).

  7. Safety & Quality committee name should be furnished.

  8. Location of the First-Aid Box should be indicated.

  9. Any other important news should be indicated - daily or your wishes.

  10. List of Holidays in the year.

  11. Various articles from newspapers, books, magazines etc related to your industry.

  12. Yearly company-paid leaves.

  13. Information related to various Acts related to your industry.

  14. Information on Some good investment plans.

  15. For the official announcement of Events, Meetings.

  16. Formal Announcements of Shifts, List of Holidays, etc.

  17. To put up Greetings Messages-Birthdays, Festivals.

  18. Inform Lost & Found Articles.

  19. As a creativity corner.

  20. Important Newspaper Articles.

  21. Photographs of Picnics and such other official events.

  22. Common Invitation Cards for Wedding of employees.