Announce Notice

After the Notice is prepared, you can announce there is a new notice to your colleagues by email by clicking the Announce button on Notice Board.

An easy-to-use WYSIWYG Html editor is provided. Enter and edit the email content as desired. You can use merge code [EE_NO], [EE_NAME], [SURNAME], [OTHERNAME], [CALL_NAME], and [CHI_NAME] in the Email Subject and Email Content, they will be replaced by the current employee number and employee name when sending the email.

Click Send to send the email.

This screen is available only if you are a Notice Board Admin., Notice Board Admin. is defined in Employee Master, EPortal Tab.

p.s. to enable faster email processing, make sure Enable Background Email in Employee Portal Setup, General tab is turned on. However, make sure your Email Server is capable to send concurrent emails and will not exceed the throttling limits including the number of messages per minute or per day.