Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab

Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service tab is under System Manager ⇒ HRPro Setup, Employee Portal Setup

Enable Functions

Check the check-box to enable that function in Employee Portal.


Check the Show Position on Directory, Show Superior on Directory, Show Photo on Directory, and Show Location on Directory to show or hide these columns in Directory.

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Event Calendar

Check the checkbox to show or hide this information. 

The Mulitple Dates Leave indicator is the symbol ↔ that indicated the leave is spanning multiple dates.

Company Calendar

When Enable Drill Down on Company Calendar is enabled, hyperlinks are available on the Calendar and enable to drill down to view the original Leave Applications including remarks and attachments for all Leave Types. Be cautious about privacy.  When this option is disabled, the drill down will be controlled in individual Leave Type

The Mulitple Dates Leave indicator is the symbol ↔ that indicated the leave is spanning multiple dates.

Punch Card

You can define Browser ID, GPS Location or Internet Address as a Punch Card Device

If GPS Location is selected, the GPS Location of each punch time will be captured (usually valid for mobile devices).  This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.  

If GPS Location is selected,  and GPS Location is defined in Work Location.  When the employee is performing Punch Card in EPortal. If the location is within the GPS Tolerance (Meters), the GPS Location will be resolved into the Work Location Code.  Moreover, if the option "If GPS Location, allowed only punch at Work Location" is turned on, only the GPS location that can be resolved to Work Location can perform the Punch Card

When Disallow Repunch... is turned on, the punch time is unable to be punched again if the time is already punched. 

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Attendance Record

When Show "Correct Time" Buttons in Attendance-Record is turned on, the Attendance Record in the Employee Portal will show the Correct Time button to apply a Time Clock Correction Request application if the days of the employee are either Late-In, Early Out or Absent except if the check-box Show on Every Day is checked, in that case, the Correct Time button will show on Every Day. 

Update Personal Particulars

If Enable "Update Personal Particulars" is not turned on, Update Personal Particulars will not be available on the Employee Portal. 

The Instructions for "Update Personal Particulars"  section outlines the guidelines and procedures for employees to follow when updating their particulars following company policy. 

If Enable update "Photo" is not turned on, Photo is not allowed to update. 

If Enable update "Bank Account No." is not turned on, Bank Account No. is not allowed to update. 

If Disable Email Notification to HR is turned on, no email notification will be sent to the HR email address if the employee applies Update Personal Particular Application. 

If Enable update "Qualifications and Skills" and "Employment History" requests are turned on, the Qualifications and Skills and Employment History sections are available in Update Personal Particulars

If Enable update... is turned on, the User Defined Fields (except long text) in Employee Master are allowed to let the employee portal user request the update in the Update Personal Particulars function and approved by the Update Personal Particulars Approval function.

Payroll History

Maximum Number of Periods to display in Payroll History. Select the number of months of payroll History that will be displayed on the Payroll History screen.

Download IR56B/M

Maximum Number of Years of Protected Batches to display in Download IR56B/M. Select the number of years of protected batches that will be displayed on the Download IR56B and Download IR56M screens.

Roster Assignment

Rosters can be assigned by either

If Roster Assignment including Self is turned on, the roster tables available to update in Roster Assignment in Employee Portal will include the Roster of the logged-in user. 

If Allow Roster Assignment to create new roster Schedules is turned on, users are allowed to create new roster schedules on the Roster Assignment screen

If Enable Roster Assignment Export is turned on, an Export to Excel button will be available on the Roster Assignment screen.

Team Roster

Team Roster shows rosters of the

depending on this dropdown option.


When Allow Superior view Subordinate's Info is turned on, Superior (Report to) of the Employee (and Superior's Superiors, up to 5 levels)  is able to view