Subordinate Leave History

Subordinate Leave History is available for all the Approver(s). 

Subordinate Leave History is also available for the Superiors (i.e. the Report To, the employees other than the approvers)  when the option Allow Superior view Subordinate's Info in Employee Portal Setup, Employee Self Service Tab is turned on. 

Subordinate Leave History is showing the records of the employee's leave (i.e. Leave Entry not Leave Applications).

Subordinate Leave History is enabled if the check-box option Enable "Subordinate  Leave History" in Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave tab is turned on. 

Whether the Leave Adjustments are shown on this screen is depending on the check-box option Show Leave Adjustments in Leave History in Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave tab

The number of periods to display is controlled by the option Maximum Number of Periods to display in Subordinate Leave History in Employee Portal Setup, WebLeave tab.  

Leave Balance will be displayed only for Employees that the check-box Show Leave Balance (in Employee Master, EPortal tab) is checked.