Employee Termination Manual Procedure

Staring from HRPro 15.06, you can use the Employee Termination Process to automate the Employee Termination procedure.

When an Employee required termination, just input the Termination Date and Termination Reason in Employee Master. You can optionally input the Last Working Date and Resignation Date.

When Save, HRPro will ask you,

You can generate the payroll for this particular employee by inputting this Employee No. from the Generate Payroll Batch Screen.

To undo the termination process, clear the termination date (highlight the date and press the Delete key). You may need to change the Pay by from Cheque to Auto-pay.

You may need to examine are there any Company Properties assigned to this employee.

You may need to print the Long Service/Severance Payment Report, after verification and input the payment amount into the Long Service Payment/Severance Payment in the employee payroll batch.