What's new in HRPro 14.10?


We are constantly working on improving HRPro. Here you will find a list of new features in HRPro's updates.

  • End of Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Announcement - The support for SQL Server 2008 running HRPro will end on December 31, 2017. HRPro 15.0 (release at Jan 2, 2018) will no longer support SQL Server 2008 as the database server. Customers running SQL Server 2008 are required to upgrade to SQL Server 2012/2014/2016 before upgraded to HRPro 15
  • Change the width of OT Type in OT Type from 2 to 10
  • Change the width of Deduction Type in Late Deduction Type from 2 to 10
  • Added Download button to Database Backup to download Database Backup File to local computer (Web Client Only)
  • Added Upload and Restore button to Database Restore to upload and restore Database Backup File from local computer (Web Client Only)
  • Changed the width of Work Hours Type of Global Working Hours from 2 to 10
  • Added parameter Database to Web API for Attendance Import (Web Client Only)
  • New User Guide: How to enable Multiple Employers per database? (Web Client Only)
  • Updated FAQ: Functions and Features available on Web Client but not on Desktop Client
  • Added check-box option Auto Approval to Leave Type (Web Client Only)
  • Added check-box option Maximum days between Leave Date and Apply Date to Leave Type (applicable to Backdate Application only) (Web Client Only)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Customer under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance and Support Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact your HRPro Authorized Solution Provider for the upgrade arrangement.