Multiple Companies per database

By default, each HRPro database is storing one company by design. However, you can utilize the following features in HRPro to enable multiple companies (organization, subsidiary, business unit, entity, etc) per database.

  1. How to enable Multiple Employers per database?

  2. Multiple MPF Accounts per company

  3. Multiple Autopay Banks per company using Autopay Class

  4. Multiple Annual Leave Entitlements, Full Pay Sick Leave Entitlements, Casual Leave Entitlements defined in Leave Entitlement Class

  5. Multiple Leave/Expense/Attendance Periods Definition in Global Working Hours and Roster Table

  6. Multiple Paid Days Definition (Daily Salary based on) in Employee Class

  7. Payroll Reports by Division

  8. Leave Reports by Division

  9. Expense Claims Reports by Division

  10. Attendance Reports by Division

You can define each company as a separate Employer, Division, MPF Accounts, Autopay Class, or Employee Class to achieve the purpose. e.g. Two Employers, Two Divisions, Two MPF Accounts, Two Autopay Classes, Two Leave Entitlement Classes: e.g. NUTECH & KINGDOM to define different settings.