Employee Termination Process

Employee Termination Process is under Master.

You can use Employee Termination Process to automate the Employee Termination Manual Procedure.

Select the Employee to terminate

Input the Termination Date, Termination Reason, Last Working Date (optional), Resignation Date (the date the employee resign, optional) and whether you wish to change the payment method to Cheque/Others.

You can optionally generate the payroll batch (or payroll record if the payroll batch already exists) for the final payment of this employee by selecting the Payroll Period.

If Payment in Lieu of Notice for this employee is applicable, input the Notice Days or Notice Months, HRPro will automatically calculate the Payment in Lieu of Notice.

The Salary in the Long Service Payment formula is the Last Salary or the Last 12 Months Average Salary whichever is higher (See Long Service/Severance Payment Report for the calculation method). If the Long Service Payment for this employee is applicable, HRPro will populate the calculated amount to the Payroll Record.

Click the Proceed button to generate the payroll batch/record.

To amend the final payment, go the Payroll Amendment

You may need to generate IR56F Employer's Notification of Employee Cessation or IR56G Employer's Notification of Employee Cessation and Departure from HK after final payment is confirmed.

Employee Termination Process available in Web Client Only