Payroll Record Amendment

Payroll Record Amendment is under Payroll.

After the payroll batch generation, you may adjust the payroll if necessary. For example, if there is any commission, special bonus or allowance, you may add them to the payroll accordingly. This allows flexibility for you to perform any modification as needed.

(The Final Payment Employees are presented background red and the New Employees are presented background green)

Click the Employee you wish to adjust will open the Payroll Record Amendment Screen.

You may print the Payroll Details Report before or after the Payroll Amendment.

Company can select whether allow to generate autopay and MPF file before or after the payroll batch is protected (depending on the option Allow generate autopay and MPF file only after payroll batch is protected in Payroll Module Setup)

After protected, no more editing is allowed.

If the preparation data is protected and you find that the data are incorrect, you may unprotect the Payroll Batch through Unprotect Payroll Batch (Unprotect Payroll Batch is controlled by HRPro Security Control, see User Maintenance) The data for the stated month would be unprotected and you may amend or generate the payroll batch again.

Regarded Wage Worksheet (Individual)

The Accumulated Regarded Wage sometime may not equal to the sum of Regarded Wage of the periods. It is due to the Accumulated Regarded Wage is calculate from

Total OT of past 12 months / (Total wages of past 12 months + Total OT of past 12 months total) x 100.

If result is 20 or over, then uses Total wages of past 12 months + Total OT of past 12 months to count the regarded wage.

Otherwise, uses Total wages of past 12 months only.

When the check-box option OT treated as Regarded Wage Only when OT amount is greater than 20% of the regarded wage in Payroll Module Setup, Payroll tab is turned on.