Personal Options

To set the options of your own, go to top menu, Tools ⇒  Personal Options.

Personal Options is per HRPro user ID.

Personal Options


Theme controls the appearance of HRPro, with themes you can change the HRPro appearance and color. The theme is per user per company, you can define different themes for different companies. See Changing Themes (Web Client)

Default Table Height (px) defines the height of each Table (grid), if the resolution of your monitor is high, increasing the default table height can display more rows. 

Default Line Spacing (px) defines the spacing between the lines, the lower the number, the more compact of the screen. 

Enable HRPro Reminder when turned off, HRPro Reminder will not display after login. 

Show Animation effect on Dialog when turned off, no fade-in effect will be shown when displaying the dialog. 

Enable Strikethrough when turned on, inactive records become strike-through when display in the table view. 

Ask before exiting when turned on, which will prompt the user to exit HRPro before logout. 

Enable the top 10 most visited pages as shortcuts when turned on, you can find the top 10 most visited pages in the shortcuts menu for easier access.


Simple Excel Header/Footer when turned on, will not display the conditions, printed date/time,  and printed user id on the Excel Report. 

Excel Report Freeze First Row when turned on, the first row (i.e. the Column Heading) will be frozen.


2-Step Verification is an optional security feature that lets you add another layer of verification to your login process. When Enable 2-Step Verification is turned on, each time you log in, you will be asked to input the one-time passcode that sends to your email address (Your Email Address is defined in User Maintenance). This helps prevent anyone else from accessing your account without your knowledge. 

When Enable Login Email Notification is turned on, Email Notification will send to you upon HRPro Login. (Your Email Address is defined at User Maintenance). 

Clicking the Reset Personal Options and Grid Layouts to the default button will reset all Personal Settings including Personal Options and Grid Layout to default values.

Email Server

It is recommended to define the Email Server settings in Company Setup, Email Server tab rather than in Personal Options. Defining Email Server settings in Personal Options is only good if different HR users send pay slips to their employees required using their own email addresses or server. 

To clear the SMTP settings, empty the SMTP Server, User ID, Password, Sender Email and Sender Name text box. 

Click the Test Email button to test the settings, if the settings are correct, you will receive a testing email on the mailbox of the Sender Email. 

See How to define Email Server (SMTP Server) in HRPro? for various SMTP Settings.

Shortcuts Management

You can put your favorite menu items into Shortcuts Menu in order to quickly access those items in the top menu [>] Shortcuts

Highlight the function on the Available Functions and click the [>] button to create the shortcut to remove the shortcuts, highlight the function on the Shortcuts menu and click the [<] button to remove the shortcut

Report Selections

To maintain (edit name and delete) the Report Selections that saved in Report Control → Save Report Selections.

Highlight the Report Selections you want to maintain and click the delete (red) or edit (green) button.