How to Enable Active Directory Authentication for Employee Portal Login 

Active Directory Authentication allows EPortal users to log in to Employee Portal using the domain password if they have an account in Microsoft Active Directory. 

Enable Active Directory Authentication in Employee Master

For those users that wish to enable Active Directory Authentication, go to Master ⇒ Employee Master, locate the employee, open Employee Master, EPortal tab, check Enable Active Directory Authentication.

Define the Email Address, the Email Address should be the user principal name in Active Directory.

Add IIS Web Server to Active Directory domain

In order to let EPortal to recognise your domain, the IIS Web Server Machine should be joined to your Active Directory.

Employee Portal Login

In Employee Portal Login, you can use either Employee No or User Name (i.e. your Email Prefix) as your User ID. (i.e. 3094 or derekfan). The password will be your domain password (i.e. the password that you login Windows).

Functions that supported AD Authentication in Employee Portal when entering password

Functions that are not applicable or not functional after the employee is enabled AD Authentication