Pay Type and Pay Slip Display Name

In HRPro, there are 15 User Definable Pay Types and each Pay Type can have unlimited Pay Slip Display Name (a.k.a. Pay Type Items in previous versions or Desktop Client).

Pay Types and Pay Slip Display Names are defined in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab if Enable Pay Type Table is turned off.

Pay Type

Pay Slip Display Name

For each Pay Type, you can define multiple Pay Slip Display Names by clicking the Pay Slip Display Name button.

Pay Slip Display Name is the Pay Type Description that displayed on Pay Slip that the characteristics (e.g. Full Pay Wage, Taxable, MPF Contribute, IRD Category, etc.) are same as the parent Pay Type.

For example, you can define Monthly Commission, Contract End Commission, Special Commission as Pay Slip Display Name and these Pay Slip Display Names are under the Pay Type Commission.

You can defined the Pay Slip Display Name in Employee Master, Salary Info tab or change it from Payroll Record Amendment, Salary tab.

All payroll reports (e.g. Payroll Details Report), all kind of commissions will be printed on the same column with header Commission and automatically sum up as the total row (if Pay Type Description on Payroll Reports based on Payroll Record is turned off) .

(p.s. Pay Slip Display Name is not available if Pay Type Table is enabled.)