Expense Type

Expense Type is under Expense.

Expense Type is for Expense Processing, which defined the attributes when the Employee Portal User applied a Expense Claims as well as how this expense type interfaced with Payroll Management Module.

When Expense Entry Required Attachment is checked, HRPro User must attach an attachment when adding Expense Entry for this Expense type. E.g. Receipt

Expense to Payroll Pay Type is to define whether the Expense Entries of this Expense Type will flow to Payroll Batch or not. select N/A to no and if selected the appropriate Pay Type than the sum of the amount of this Expense Type will be summed to the Pay Type during the Payroll Generation of the Expense Period.

WebLeave (Employee Portal) tab

The options in this tab are for the Expense Claims Application

When Visible in Expense Claims Application is checked, then this Expense type is visible for Employee Portal User to select to apply Expense Claims.

Allow to apply after options are

  • Join Date

  • Probation End Date

  • 1 month of service

  • 3 months of service

  • 1 year of service

  • 4 weeks (28 days) of service

  • 40 weeks (280 days) of service

When Maximum days between Expense Date and Apply Date is defined. The applicant must apply the application no more than X days after the Expense Date. (Applicable to Backdate Application only)

When Application Required Attachment is checked, Employee Portal User must submit an attachment when applying Expense Claim for this Expense type. E.g. Hotel Voucher. unless Application allow missing Attachment is checked.

If Application Required Attachment and Application allow missing Attachment are both checked, applicant can submit the application without Attachment. However, the Missing Attachment check-box in Expense Entry will be automatically checked after the application is approved.

The Minimum Amount allowed to claim is the minimum amount allowed to apply for the expense claims for this Expense Type.

The Maximum Amount allowed to claim is the maximum amount allowed to apply for the expense claims for this Expense Type.

If Allow Unapproved Expense Claims Application Withdrawal is turned off, applicant is not allow to withdraw (delete) his/her own unapproved Expense Claims application.

Explanation on Employee Portal

When defined, will show on Apply Expense Claims screen in Employee Portal under Expense Type combo box. Explanation on Employee Portal support simple HTML tags (e.g. <b><i><span style="color:red">)

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow is to define the Workflow of this Expense Type.

Approver 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is to define the number of Approvers required and the approval sequence (if by level) for this Expense type. In order to allow different approver(s) for different Expense Type

When Auto Approval is turned on, the application of this Expense type does not required Approver's Approval and the application become self-approved.

See also: What is "Approval Workflow"?

Employee Class tab

When one or more Employee Class is checked in the Employee Class Tab, this Expense type will only applicable to those employees belong to that Employee Class(es).

When no selection is checked, the Expense Type will available to all employees. (this option is applicable to both HRPro and Employee Portal)