Functions and Features available on Web Client but not on Desktop Client

HRPro Web Client implemented state-of-the-art, next generation technologies that can provide more advanced functions and features compare with the traditional Desktop Client. Here are the list of the functions and features that are not available on Desktop Client.

Payroll Management

Mid-Month Payroll Management

Leave Management

Expense Management

Available for Web Client Only

Taxation Management

Attendance Management

Appraisal Module

Available for Web Client Only

Master Management

Company Hierarchy

Roster Enquiry

Roster Update

Employee Change Appointment Process

New Screen in Master Management: Employee Change Appointment Process

Employee Change Approver Process

Employee Change Superior Process

Employee Termination Process

Erase Personal Data for Terminated Employees

Update Personal Particulars Approval

Attachment Management

Employee Class

  • Check-box option First three months Holiday Pay in Employee Class, payroll tab

  • Added default Monthly Salary/Daily Rate/Hourly Rate/Regular Payments to Employee Class

  • Added check-boxes Non-Continuous Contract Employee, Part Time Employee, EAO2007 Exemption, Enable Attendance Record, Enable Timesheet without Time Clock Info, Allow Pay Slip by Email, Use Personal Email for Pay Slip, Use Personal Email for IR Forms/Reports, No Mid-Month Payroll to Employee Class, Default HR Info tab

Employee Master

Expense Type

  • Available for Web Client Only

Global Working Hours


  • Added Online Update button to Holiday

Leave Entitlement Class

Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Allow take Leave during the month of birthday only to Leave type that is good for the Birthday Leave Leave Nature

  • Added check-box option Enable Drill Down on Company Calendar to Leave Type

  • Added option Allow Leave Hours only in multiples of in Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Auto Approval to Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Maximum days between Leave Data and Apply Date to Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Show Leave Type Balance in Leave Type, WebLeave (Employee Portal) tab

  • Added check-box option Enable One Minute Increments in Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Application Required Remarks in Leave Type

  • Added Approver 1, Approver 2, Approver 3 to Leave Type to allow different approver(s) for different Leave Type

  • Added When balance less than or equal to X days option to Leave Type

  • Added Approval Workflow to Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Application allow missing Attachment to Leave Type

  • Added options Allow Leave Taken Start Date and Allow Leave Taken End Date to Leave Type

  • Added Approver 4 and Approver 5 to Leave Type to define the number of Approvers required and the approval sequence (if by level)

  • Added option 6 months of service to Allow Leave Taken Start Date in Leave Type

  • Added drop-down list options Leave Year End Date, Resignation Date, Minus 1 month up to Minus 12 months to Allow Leave Taken End Date in Leave Type

  • Added check-box option Allow Unapproved Leave Application Withdrawal to Leave Type.

OT Type

  • Added check-box option Enable Compensated by Leave to OT Type

Pay Group

Pay Type Table

Roster Table

Shift Code

  • Set Colour in Shift Code

  • Added Shift Session 1 Hourly Rate, Session 2 Hourly Rate, Session 3 Hourly Rate to Shift Code, Other Settings tab

  • Added check-box option No Overtime Calculation to Shift Code, Overtime tab

  • Added drop-down list option O.T. Type to Shift Code, Overtime tab

  • Added options Late-In Minutes truncate to and Early-Out Minutes truncate to to Shift Code

Termination Reason


System Manager

Company Setup

Payroll Module Setup

Leave Module Setup

Expense Module Setup

  • Available for Web Client Only

Taxation Module Setup

Attendance Module Setup

User Defined Fields Setup

Employee Portal Setup


Personal Option

  • Added check-box option Enable top 10 most visited pages as shortcuts to Personal Options

  • Added check-box option Enable Login Email Notification to Personal Options

Business Alert

Report Control

  • Added an additional tab Report Statistics to the output Excel file that generated by Report Control

HRPro Customers under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance and Support Plan without Desktop Client Customization is entitled free license transfer. Please contact your HRPro Authorized Solution Provider for the price of installation and setup services or follow these instructions for self service.